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Erin Bradley

Board Member

Erin’s journey in local food started in her little hometown farm in central NC. Seeking an interesting summer job that would allow her to work outside, she saw the farm as a fun job that could last her the summer. A decade later, she’s still working in agriculture and the passion she found on that farm drives her mission to keep small and middle sized family farms in business. In high school and college, Erin did everything on that farm from early morning harvests and farmers market sales to helping guide the city of Raleigh in creating special permit classifications to allow small farms to operate roadside stands inside the city. She currently serves as the farm coordinator and purchasing director for Freshlist, Charlotte’s food hub. She works hand in hand with farmers to create markets for their products and increase their profit per acre. Erin, along with her coworker Matt Martin, work with chefs in our region to utilize both meat and produce products that our area’s farms have. She is a member of the South Carolina Food Hub Network as well as the East Coast Food Hub Collaborative. A proud graduate of Appalachian State, when not elbow deep on local food, Erin can be found outside with her husband Wil, daughter Bee, and menagerie of animals.

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