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Blue Goat Dairy


Located west of Hickory in Lincoln County, Savoir-Vivre Farmstead's Blue Goat Dairy is nestled in the hills of Vale, North Carolina. The farm is home to a multitude of happy, healthy goats, each of them part of the family. Three breeds of goats live on the farm: Saanen, Alpine, and Lamancha.

We treat our goats with homeopathic remedies and herbs to keep them healthy. The goats are fed with all-natural local hay that is not treated with sprays or other harmful chemicals. After the milk comes from the goats, we pasteurize it and make it into all the different flavors immediately. The sooner the milk is used, the fresher the cheese is. Our goat cheese is so smooth and creamy that even folks who say “I don’t like goat cheese” are delighted by the tastiness!

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