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Food Policy Council

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Food Policy Council exists to advocate for policies that build a sustainable, equitable and healthy local food system. The goals of our council are to enhance the health of our citizens, strengthen local economies and market opportunities, and reduce hunger and food insecurity.


Our vision is to create a sustainable, equitable, and healthy local food system that enhances the health of our citizens, strengthens our local economy and market opportunities, and reduces hunger and food insecurity.


Our mission is to advocate for local and national policies that prioritize the needs of farmers, consumers, and all vital components within the food system, while emphasizing community-led and community-informed practice, guided by our five pillars: equity, community, partnership, advocacy, and action.


Our goal is to serve as a dynamic platform for open dialogue on food issues, forge meaningful connections within the food system, educate our community, advocate for effective policies, and ensure our community is well-informed on food-related matters, driving transformative action in our local food system.

Meet our Team

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