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Chef Jeff


Chef Jeff Hunt began his culinary journey as a teenager when his mother was diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes. He tried some of her sugar free candy, and it was horrible. This prompted the chef to approach all food from one key standpoint -- FLAVOR. 


“Mom always cheated on her diet and I could understand why. So I made a promise to make healthy foods tasty,” recalls Hunt who’s first mastered creation was grilled steak. Chef Jeff received his formal training in the Culinary Arts program at Central Piedmont Community College, but started catering with his father in 1980. Jeff’s dad owned a bartending business that served parties in Charlotte for over 65 years. The budding chef noticed that the same bland beef tenderloin was served over and over to party goers so he helped to transform his father’s business from just pouring cocktails to plating delicious entrees and serving savory sides.


The father son duo became an instant hit. His father's clientele were excited to see them expanding their Hunt legacy together. Chef Jeff soon developed his signature taste with custom spice blends that packed each course with flavor. Hunt rarely uses salt; in lieu, he explores seasoning, herbs and spice mixtures to bring food to life. These mixtures reveal food’s true colors and has given the chef a passion to discover how other cultures prepare their cuisines.


After his father retired Jeff developed his own brand, 920 Services, in September 1996. Named to celebrate his wedding anniversary, 920 provides clients with a range of international cuisines - from southern comfort to Italian, Pakistani, Chinese and more. Chef Jeff strives to become a master chef in at least four different disciplines because he values never wanting to have to tell a client he doesn’t know how to make something!


920 Services has provided culinary delights to over 1,000 events since its inception and continues to pleasure clients with flavorful delicacies of worldwide origin. Chef Jeff was selected to represent Charlotte, North Carolina and his country at the 2012 Foiré Expo in Limoges, France alongside French Maître Restaurateur Chef Sylvain Antoni of Le Pont Saint-Etienne in a collaborative dinner presentation for local dignitaries. In addition to using his skills to enhance weddings, private dinners, celebrity kitchens and special events, Chef Jeff co-founded a 501(c)3 nonprofit called Each One Teach One Culinary Arts Foundation to inspire youth with his love for cooking.

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